True crime meets food? 


Hi, I'm Maddox, and I'll be your Maître D and host. During the day, I make films, but at night I'd always dreamt of solving crimes whilst snacking on a plate of something delicious. In the absence of losing my mind and connecting things together with a lot of red string 'Crime & Dine' was born. A true crime lover from an early age (probably too young) I'd often find myself regaling my friends over dinner with horrific stories of grizzly murders. Some people liked it a lot, and so one day I thought... "hey, let's make it a podcast!" and so 'Crime & Dine' was born.



We'll bring each story to life in a unique way.


Road Trips
We'll head back to the scene of the crime, and tell stories in a place where bad things happened. From diners, to drive-ins and dives (Guy Fieri optional).


Cooking up some special recipes that relate to the murder of the week. We'll test our culinary crime powers and recreate dishes that have a connection to the story.


Last Meals
Famous last meals and famous last words. Digging deep into the meals the condemned requested before their executions.