"The U.S. government military has been using scientific technology on my body”


Kicking off out Texas series is Paul Dennis Reid, aka "The Fast Food Killer". Alright, I hear you... Reid committed his crimes down in Nashville but before all that he was a native or Fort Worth Texas before moving to "Music City" to launch a country music career. There's also recent evidence to suggest that this serial killer may in fact be linked to other crimes in his native home state, so join us as we hit up some of the spots where Reid rampaged and killed all 7 of his victims. McDonalds, Baskin Robbins & Captain D's. 



"...he liked me wearing heels, that was his thing”


Ana Trujillo, an ex coca cola executive was dubbed the “Stiletto Killer” after she violently killed her boyfriend Stefan Andersson by brutally stabbing him 25 times with her blue high heel shoe. 


Ana Trujillo